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Meet your H-ART Coaches

Where the Passion Begins

Our Art Coaches

Natasha Berteloot

Art Coach / Founder

Natasha always dreamed of being a professional artist, but the harsh realities of life have a way of pushing childhood dreams aside. Leaving her artistic aspirations behind, Natasha found herself working in a corporate profession. Looking for a change, she started teaching art and she loved it! Pushing aside her self-doubts, Natasha spent 13 years helping others discover their creative side. Her confidence in herself and her abilities grew.


Natasha also experienced the therapeutic benefits of art through teaching her students. With her childhood passion rekindled, she was ready to begin a transformative journey. Sketching had been her medium of choice for years. But it became too comfortable, too easy. She wanted to challenge herself. Could she paint? She'd never painted before. Now the paintbrush would express her passion, her vision.


As a self-taught artist, Natasha was determined to find her own way, her own voice. "Mistakes" and "happy accidents" were part of that journey. Now she wants to guide others to help them boost their confidence, take pleasure and heal through painting.

As an art coach and the founder of H-ART Therapy, Natasha believes that "creativity takes courage" and that everyone is an artist and has something to share. Discover the creative passion in you. Whether you're just starting to paint, been painting for a little while or have been painting for years.


We invite you to join the fun in a safe, judgment-free environment.

See you in art class!

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