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Meet your H-ART Coaches

Where the Passion Begins

Our Art Coaches

Natasha Berteloot

Art Coach / Founder

I'm Tasha!

I always dreamed of being a professional artist, but the harsh realities of life have a way of pushing childhood dreams aside. For years I left my artistic aspirations behind and found myself working in a corporate profession. Looking for a change, I started teaching art and loved it! Pushing aside self-doubts, I spent 13 years helping others discover their creative side which also boosted my own self-confidence.


I experienced firsthand the therapeutic benefits of art while teaching my students. After rekindling my childhood passion I was ready to begin a transformative journey. Sketching had been my medium of choice for years. But I wanted to challenge myself. I wondered "Could I paint? I had never painted before. Forever thankful that I embarked on a new creative journey. Today, my paintbrush still aids me in expressing my passion, and vision.


As a self-taught artist, I was determined to find my own way, my own voice. "Mistakes" and "happy accidents" were part of that journey. I now have the privilege of guiding others in boosting their confidence and healing through painting. This couples my Bachelor's in education and a minor in counseling with 13 years of teaching art, the perfect blend.

I believe that "creativity takes courage" and I aim to help others discover the creative passion within.


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